Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Little Man..

My little man has just starting doing something that makes me wanna hug him and kiss him and hug him and kiss him.

BamBam throwing his toys at the wall(does all boys go thru this stage of throwing things at the wall and think it's fun? we've never encouraged it!)

Mummy : "Bam Bam, why are you throwing your toys??"

BamBam looks at mummy and goes : "Erm... Bam Bam throw"

Mummy : "Yes, why is BamBam throwing things.."

BamBam picks up the toy that he was throwing : "Erm... Bam Bam throw" and throws it again!

He says "Erm" everytime anyone ask him a question like he is really thinking about it. This afternoon...

Mummy : "BamBam have you seen XYZ (a nut like thing that he has been playing with)?"

BamBam : "Erm... there"

And when he had an accident in his pants

Mummy : "BamBam why didn't you tell mummy you needed to go wee-wee"

BamBam : "Erm... BamBam, wee-wee"

update: Farah was telling me that I uses a lot of "erm.."
Erm... do I really ?? :)


Simple American said...

Erm... thats pretty cute. And boys throw things to the wall because of the sound it makes. Plus it serves as a physics lesson to. Trying to anticipate how the toy might bounce away.

Chiwi said...

Sigh... I need to buy some unbreakable toys, plus soft, coz he is starting to throw it at ppl like it's a ball! When will this end!!!!???? hehehe

Simple American said...

20, maybe 30. ;) kekeke

Chiwi said...

hm.. hubby is 31 this year.. and he still like throwing the ball at the wall... hm...