Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Dehumudifier Solution..

My son (whom was exclusively breastfed for 11 months) would use to get sick every 2nd week, he would have the flu for 8-9 days, recover for 3-4 days and catch another one again. This happened since he was born, and until we got a dehumidifier, it got a little better, and now he seldom gets them anymore(touch wood!). So the dehumidifier must have worked!!

I've just been looking at

On a hot day it's often the humidity that causes most discomfort and stops you from getting a good nights sleep. In these situations, a dehumidifier can help to make you much more comfortable.
It's a great site that explains how a dehumidifier works. The site also teaches you how to choose the Best Residential/Home Dehumidifier For Your Needs , either one for the whole house or small portable dehumidifiers. And when you are looking at purchasing one what features the dehumidifier should have. So over all I think it's a pretty helpful site!

You know what? I think everyone should have a dehumidifier and an air purifier. To do our little part in helping with the pollution and Global Warming. And I think the Govt should really look at building a big enough Dehumidifier/Air Purifier for it's own country, and help the earth too!! That should help! Won't it???

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Dehumidifier Dan said...

Clean air is definitely a great way to keep up your health. I was just reading about people working in office environments getting crystals in their lungs from bad air.