Thursday, April 12, 2007

Global drowns Polar...Who's next!

Did you know that polar bears have been around for more than 200 thousand years?
Did you know that the polar bear's Latin name is Ursus maritimus — which means "sea bear" ?
Did you know that polar bears are regarded as a marine mammal?
Did you know that polar bears are excellent swimmers, and can even swim more than 60 miles at times?

Why are they drowning then???????

Did you know that polar bears go thru 8 months of pregnancy as well?
Did you know that a female polar bear typically only can have 5 pregnancy in their lifetime?

Sounds like the other species I know.. called the Human Being..


Simple American said...

When I was on the Alaska cruise they had a naturalist on board. She said the polar bears are swimming further and further. Some have actually swam a hundred miles at one go. There is even a consideration to reclassify them as an aquatic mammal and not as a bear.

I was amazed. Don't know why they are drowning.

De Kiwi said...

They're drowning because of Global Warming, there are less ice floats around in the ocean, which means polar bears have to swim further to get from one piece of 'land' to another, which causes them to drown. There is also less ice coverage, as polar bears get their food (mainly seals) by waiting around small waterholes and ambush prey coming up for air. Less ice coverage means less there is less food for polar bears too. They might be extinct before we know it.

yvy said...

de kiwi is right - so pitiful!!! *sigh*

aida said...

and polar bear though excellent swimmers hate to swim since they burn more fat swimming. since they are no seal, they are now eating sea kelp, not as nutritious as seal but as least it will get them thru the summer.

i think global warming less noticeable anyway below North of 49' but up here, its pretty obvious.