Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chandeliers Create Drama Throughout the Home

Well.. the house is in it's finally stages.. so I've been looking at some lightings...
I like this ... It's nice, but I think it's more a 'fashion' thing at the moment, and fashion 'comes and goes'... so... got to look for something more 'classic'.. like this maybe .. or I also like the crystal ones as well

And what about some Wall Lights for the bathroom that makes you feel like a star??


Simple American said...

I like the bottom chandelier the best. It would go nice in my house. hehe

Your having fun ya?

Hijackqueen said...

*push SA aside*

I've never fond of chandelier till I saw one in a friend's house. It depends on how you blend the chandelier with your furnitures. She had an english home design and the chandelier (with lots of crystals) hung above a grand piano. That look so nice!

P/s: don't forget to invite me during your open house.

Chiwi said...

SA : Stress... very stressed!! hehehe

HQ : you are definitely invited, if you can pull yourself out from your business!! :p The thing is the out side is a french colonial disign and at the back it's very baliness.. with a little touch of chinese.. :p so.. pretty hard to find something that would fit in all :p hahaha

Pink Elle said...

Crystal ones are nice but based on our experience, we found that those with lights on top and crystals hanging around them didn't reflect light as beautifully as those with crystals surrounding the lights did! Happy shopping for your new home :)