Friday, August 05, 2005

Can't beat them, Join Them!

This entry is my reaction to three articles,

  • Perkahwinan campur orang Melayu wajar dipantau
  • (Utusan Malaysia's Forum of 22nd June 2005),which translates as "Malay mixed marriages should be monitored". But I am not going to say anything about Malay or Islam, coz I'm neither, but I am Married to a "Mat Salleh" hehehehe, ok ok.. so since most around me are putting their 2 cents in, Hey, you can't beat them, JOIN them! Seem to be my motto.
    Jordan, aka MACVAYSIA, said something that triggered this blog :p
  • his blog
  • (hehehe, I've been reading ppl's blogs, noty,noty me, bored la me) AnyWay....This is my 2cents in this..
    I remember my hubby and my exs complaining about being stared at by Chinese Boys when we were together, you know, either one of those "What-has-he-got-and-I-don't" or "Another-bloody-white-boy-stealing-our-girls" look. Hey, I get my share of looks too!! The "another-f**king-asia-stealing-one-of-our-white-men" look from the white girls! And I get stares from Asian girls too, the "what-has-she-got-that-I-don't" or "She-is-only-after-him-for-his-money" or "what-the-hell-does-he-sees-in-her". And This is all in NZ!!! It is a little easier now, now with my kids out with us, least I don't get the "another-bloody-SPG" look anymore! Yippeee, Not! And I totally ignore them now! Yes, you learn to do things like that after a while.
    I've dated my share of , Malaysian, chinese and malay (sscchhh don't tell my parents) Taiwanese, Hongkong, Cambodians, Koreans, Indonesian, and Black American(that's a whole different story) And sadly to say, but we were just not on the same page! you know what I mean?!
    So there... I'm too much of a "Chiwi" to get along with Chinese, and not Kiwi, enough to get along with my Husband! hehehehe But One thing about "Ang Mo" is that they allow you to be who you want to be! so therefore I am Chiwi, and will always be a "Chiwi" as I am not going to give up my "Chi" for my "Wi". And will not allow my children to do so either!
    Does any of this make sense? I've been intorupted too many times to continue with one flow! :p Work aye?! Let me tell you, it doesn't "work"!!!

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