Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Out comes the other tooth!!

Is that why the little man has been waking us up at 2, then 4, then 5:30, then 6:30, then 7:30 AM!! (sigh) haven't had a good night sleep since.... EVER!!!
This little man of mine! I tell you.. he chats more than little baby I know!! He would chats and chats and chats, even b4 he opens his eyes in the morning! For something like 1/2 hour if we don't wake him up! And Missy Poo as well, she talks in her sleep, almost every night!! Is that normal ?? They must have got that off their Daddy!

Jacob: Dee .... (this is some early hours in the morning!!!)
Dee: Yeah?? (half asleep)
Jacob: What colour is the door, and what direction is it facing?
Dee: Huh?? (fully awake by now, trying to figure would what he is saying)
Jacob: Don't worry.
And I'm left AWAKE thinking about what he was talking about. When asked the next morning, he doesn't remember a single thing!!


gRaCeY said...

Hahhaahaha...Kesiannya! Your blog looks waaaaaayyyyyyy BETTER now! Hhehe..

Chiwi said...

Thank you, thank you, maybe I should start a company selling webpages now! Muahahhaah!

gRaCeY said...

Ah, you could! If you didn't use the template from blogspot. ;)