Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just another ... er... what day is today?

It's one of those blah days... Nothing to blog... but I've got to put something down, yeah?

Amy called, she said that they are coming in Dec, instead of her original plan for Jan06, which is great! Even better, as I was cracking my brain as to how we are going to drive everyone around in only a 7 seater, where there will be, Jacob, Jacob's Mum, Jacob's Dad, Kaitlyn, Caleb, Amy, Josh, Christopher, and Me!! hm.. that makes erm.. 9 ?? Well that is, if, Jacob parents really make it here this time! :p

At this point, it seems like Jacob will be going back to NZ by himself to finish his studies first, b4 we set off to join him there. But of coz he will be coming back to visit the kids and I, every so often. This way would make more financial sense.

1. It would be cheaper to buy one ticket instead of 4 tickets.
2. We have calculated that we would need about 3500 NZD, a month. And so If we were both to work, and send the kids to childcare(which I don't agree on), that would mean another 1000 NZD/mth. BAH! Where am I going to find such money?!?!?!!?

Now only to decide when he will leave.

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