Friday, August 26, 2005

"It's all right, gorgeous."

This is what my little girl says to her little brother everytime he cries. :p And she has developed a few "Manglish" habits, ie, The high pitch "mah"s, the "one"s, the "la"s at the back of sentences! It's soooo cute!!! But her daddy differs in opinion! He absolutely detests it! He finds it confusing wor!! Hm....
I think I am going to start a photo blog of my own... I'm trying to persue my all time dream. Photography, but first, I need to get a proper Camera, my phone is just not going to do it for that. And so I have asked my "world famous in NZ" Father-in-law to help with getting a secondhand manual camera to start with. Can't wait!!

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