Friday, August 12, 2005

Caleb is all grown up!!

No longer a baby, he is! :p
He is sitting up by himself, but only for like 1 min or so... but he is sitting up!!
He is so fast on the walker now. Zoom and he is off to find things to explore and bite! And the way he wiggles on the floor... like a worm!! and so fast too... sigh... where is that depanded little boy? He is now really my little man!
I will post a picture once I get it off Jacob's phone.

My face is iching!! All that haze is giving my face a rash! and my eyes are iching too! Blah!! It's got really really bad in City A-1 today, taken at 11ama 111!!! That's at an "unhealthy" status!

Was just bored and went "googling"a (I am sure they will put that word into the dictionary one day, definition: searching. hehehe)Anyway.. was googling "Jacob Winn" and "Caleb Winn" and guess what I found?! Heaps of them... Jacob Winn was all about who he married, when he died.. etc (boring life) But Caleb Winn.. now that's a start!! Great Sportsman, always in the top 10. Yay! Yay! Yay!

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