Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's Official!!

Caleb aka BamBam, that's is his new nick name, is mobile!!!! And he is fast too!! He was so funny this morning, he was crawling, well wiggling, but it gets him to where he wants to, anyhoo... he was wiggling for a while this morning, coz mummy wanted to see him move, so we kept moving his toy, just within his grasp, we move it again, poor boy. Well.. after a while the poor boy was soo tired that he couldn't balance himself any longer and (you should have seen this) he fall onto his back, with all his limbs speard out, and didn't move for like 1 min! ROFL... And we did literally that!
Blah.. we didn't get any photos becoz my phone is broken!! :( The screen just froze and turned white! So it's back to no phone for me, until it is replace, Thank God it's still under warranty. I hope!

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