Thursday, August 04, 2005

Caleb Understands "Milkies"

We've been teaching Caleb some, well, just one sign, which is his everything! "Milkies" and he actually understands it now! He gives a huge smile every time he sees that sign! :p Can't wait to see him actually do the sign himself! Now I'm trying to teach him "More" and "No More". Can't wait to when we are able to communicate!
He is now on his jumper chatting away to Nanna. As for my little missy, she has had the runs for the last 2 days... my baby... that means she is going to lose more weight, not like there is any there to lose anyway... This bug that has got my family has been here, unwelcome, for more than a month now!!! Like a tag game, from one to another and then back...

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