Friday, March 09, 2007

Organic - The New Age Trend!??

This post is inspired by none other but our Ms. Footprints. Funnily, I have recently been trying to convert everyone I know to go Organic! :) It is also one of our biggest reason to move down to Hawke's Bay.

Here is why I think Organic is the way to go..

Have you heard of girls having breast at 9 years old ?
Have you heard of girls having their Period at 9 years old?
Have you heard of women having their menopause in their early 30's?

If you think that, that is the norm now a days.. you are right!! BUT that is so sad!! Women use to have kids up to the age of 40+, 50+. The older generation also didn't have their first menstruation till they were at least 14.
Organic food is produced according to certain legally regulated standards. For crops, it means they were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. For animals, it means they were reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. Also, at all levels, organic food is produced without the use of genetically modified organisms. - WikiPedia
Yes I know that organic food are more expensive than your mess produced, genetically modified, processed food. And no I'm not rich, I am also on an average salary, LOWER than average even compared to some. BUT I want what's best for my family and I :) What's the point of saving that few dollars and live a shorter life?

I want to know who grows the food my family eat! That is why we want to move down to Hawke's Bay, plus the cost of living is a little cheaper, and of coz it's a bonus that most of the best wineries are there! Hehehe

We had the chance to go to a Farmer's Market while we were down there, it's said that it's one of the biggest in NZ. They had Organic Coffees - Organic Venison Burgers and organic hot dogs on a stick! Yum-yum! And The best of all, things there were all Fair-Trades!


Simple American said...


I did not know that about the earlier female cycles. Rather frigthening, especially since I live in the land of process, process, process.

aida said...

hahah simple american, you are right.

chiwi - u know msia, where got too many instant whatever or tv dinners, but here its like instant everything, maybe its their answer to eating out cheap? but i hope they make organic take out soon! :-)

Chiwi said...

simple american : one can learn heaps from Ms. Oprah! haha.. That's where I got those shocking number of 8/9. Malaysia is getting worst now, it's about 9-10.. which is really sad!

Aida: In Malaysia the instant stuff is Char Kuew Tiew, roti canai. They are much faster than the fast food chain and cheaper!! Instant stuff are frozen, tasteless and have to heat it up yourself! That's definitely a no no!!!