Friday, March 16, 2007

Free Upgrade

Was just talking to Macvay regarding this weekend, as Lin is heading to little old City A1 tonight after work with her little man, her mother and Cindy, so was just asking if the Macvays would like to join us. Unfortunately they can't, Leen is working and Macvay's MUST work on 3-day English programme for MAS stewardesses...... and the lucky guy gets to teach them too. Apparently it's compulsory for the stewardesses to be in their kebaya uniform too.. Honestly, HOW MANY GUYS WOULD KILL FOR THAT JOB?? (I know for sure my Maddog would love to get a JOB like that! ) Hey Jord, if you be really nice, maybe you can even get a free upgrade on your next trip on MAS airline... I know I wouldn't mind a free upgrade anytime for a long haul flight! I've only flown twice on business class! 1st time was with my dad's airpoints, and the 2nd upgrade was from an old friend coz she's got connection! Where would life be without connections huh?

Free Upgrades are great!! There are a few other things that I would love to get upgraded, free would be good too! :)
1, My handphone from a 810i to a 850i, white!
2, My Olympus E-500 to something more professional.. :)
3, My working life to a jet-set lifesyle! hehehe
4, My Mazda Premacy to a Bigger 7 seater car, that's more fuel efficient
5, My body line to Angelina's, definitely her boobies!
6, My Hubby to Jude Law. (I won't mind teaching him Chinese. hehehe)
7, I'm sure I can think of more, but brain dead at the moment.. :)

I know, I know.. I should be thankful and content with what I have, trust me I am, BUT! Hey if it's free, which Malaysian can turn down ar????!!!


Simple American said...

That last line is so funny.

I wanna upgrade too. To anything. So tired of having champagne tastes and beer budget.

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, you sure about item 6? You not scare if Jude Law turn out to be a hamsap low. hu hu hu...

Chiwi said...

Simple American: You've just reminded me I need a upgrade the RAMs in my Brain!

Hijackqueen : Hehehehe Jude Law is most welcome to be a hamsap low with me!!! Bring it on!! hahaha

yvy said...

couldnt agree with u more!! :)