Friday, March 02, 2007

Wow! What a Trip!

Did the time just sneaked past or what?!?!?! We have already been back in Malaysia now for 2 days!!
The whole trip has been so surreal.. 4 1/2 weeks has gone by just like that!!!

Lets see.. Since my last post;

We went back to Auckland and started shopping!!!! I could actually find nice clothes my size, other than just baggy T-shirts!!! It's not like all Malaysians are skinny there are lots of other girls walking around bigger than me, so why does everything come in such small sizes, I am a size 10 - 12 in NZ, that's the average size, the sizes starts from 8, you get the occasional 6.. BUT in Malaysia, I have to buy like size L or XL ??? Helps a lot with my self-esteem!! NOT! Oh oh and some shops don't even stock L or XL sizes?! And of Coz we caught up with most of our close friends!! We didn't get a chance to catch up with all of them due to the wedding and all the family gatherings.. (Sorry Gina, Andrew, Derek.. and a few others!) But finally got to meet all of Jacob's cousins from Paris and Brighton. They are some cool Chics!! hehehehe :)
We got the kids enrolled in 'Early Childhood Center', we called a few places and all of them had a waiting list of 18 months to 2 years!!!!??? We were lucky to have found a place that was really close to my parent's place, they had a vacancy for 2 days a week until end of Feb, which was just perfect for us!!! They could just fit Caleb in for the mornings because they didn't have a bed for him to nap in(NZD 60/day = RM130). Which was fine by us as well.. Having to had come from 2 maids to NO maids.. anytime away from the kids is REST! hehehe But mind you in saying that we have really enjoyed the time we had spent with the kids!! ALONE!

But really We should have enrolled Jacob as well!

The day Caleb fall in love with trains!
We took the kids the this amazing expo of all the stream trains. They had the most amazing collection of stream trains and old vehicles there!
Even a very very old stream car!! Boy can that thing go!!! Fast and less pollution!! Has our technology really evolved??

They had a really really old Merry-Go-Round, this thing was huge!! They also had a amazing band playing, the oldest of their group, was the keyboard player, he has got to be something like 70+, amazing music too!!

The Wedding was great!! Everyone had a great fun!! Will post the pictures up once I get them from the in-laws. (Unfortunetly we missed a very very close friend's wedding becoz of this one, Sorry Joyce!! Next one, ok next one I'll be there!! :p )

Hawkes Bay was great!! On the way down, we spent a night at Taupo, to break down the trip for the kids, but really, ChiwiDad wanted to spent a night there to look at his mountain! :) It's really only a 5 1/2 hours drive from Auckland to Hawkes Bay(Where you find all the best Wines).
We took a detour to the WhiteBay Lavendar farm, which is always amazing smelling and so relaxing! except you got to watch out for bees... I don't know if it was lucky, that when we went most of the lavendar have been harvested, and therefore not much bees around, or unlucky, we didn't get to see the whole field purple!

Jake's grand parents finally got to see their great grand children, the last time we were there was when Kaitlyn was about 3 months old, so that makes it 4 years ago! It was great seeing them again!

Overall it was a great trip!! but a little tiring, as you can see...


Simple American said...

That movie clip was so cute. He's falling asleep, right?

Sounds like a great trip. Everyone recharged and ready to go back to work? Or do you need a vacation from the vakation. keke

Hope your Dad has recuperated alright too.

Chiwi said...

Simple American:
Dad is doing well, he is his normal self already, bloody work-a-holic! Thanks for asking!
We definitely need a vacation after that one, just the 2 of us would be nice!!
Bambam seems to love eating and sleeping at the same time recently.. So funny! Did any of your kids use to do that?

yvy said...

wah, i went to taupo too!!! nice place, felt as if uncle was driving and driving and driving endlessly before we reached it. that is only from auckland to taupo....but what i loved most was the trip on desert road - we saw and played with snow. like the ulus that we were, mum, me and sis like gila tumbled out of the car to touch snow. should have known that aid kacang mya snow is smoother! lol :P

Simple American said...

My son was like that. hehe

And he was so hard to feed in the first place. Boy did not eat. Now he is a teenager and he won't stop eating. Haiz...