Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Soul of Human Being

During this NZ trip, still can't believe that we've Been and Gone, we've been looking at local arts and decoration for the house, you know to bring a peice of Kiwiland back with us, but it was gonna be too bulky and heavy to have them brought back with us.. We also had the chance to meet quite a few local artists in NZ.

Anyway, it got us thinking, maybe we should be able to meet some Local (Malaysian) artist and support their art, Bali has lots of them so, we assume that Malaysia would have some, so since we've been back we've been trying to look for arts ... BUT ermm... we seem to have a bit of a problem thou... We can't find any!!!!!??? Ok maybe it's becoz we are in a small town, but one would think that in small towns you would have more??? We are going to start encourging our students that are interested and talented in art to bring in their art and we are going to start hanging them up at the school, plus I really love my father-in-law, 'World Famous In New Zealand' Terry Winn's pictures, so I might also get him to send me a few to hang it up.

Funnily, as I was google-ing for local Malaysian artist, I found this... our prime minister has the same idea as we do .. read this. I guess you can say great minds think alike!! Ahem.. hehehehe

But everyone is at a 6 degrees of seperation.. so if any of you out there that are an artist with some Malaysia art, or knows of someone that is, PLEASE send their contacts to me! Very much appreciated!


Simple American said...

Are you building a house? Looks nice whoever it belongs to.

Hope you find some nice art. One of these bloggers will surely link with someone. :)

Chiwi said...

Simple American, that's my dad's lastest project! hehehe

I'm really hoping that some bloggers might be able to help me out with the seek of the soul of Malaysia! :)