Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WTF ???

Right.. It's been confirm by the Chinese Press that we, Manjung District is in the red zone!! We've got the H5N1 flying around... or should I say dying around.. The weird thing is that, it's no where in The Star except

A spokesman from the department’s hotline said they received a report of seven dead pigeons in Sitiawan, about 88km from here.

Samples have been sent for testing for the deadly H5N1 virus, he said.

- Which was stated on the 20 March..

So.. Who to Believe?????? What are we the people suppose to do ??? Kaitlyn has got a cold, and is coughing away.. should I be worried???


Jordan said...

Gee....pretty scary stuff. I was watching a National geographic special on the bird flu last week, and that didn't help. )Sometimes I think National Geographic is turning into another FOX or something, with all its crazy programmes on violent weather and impending pandemics.)
I hope Kaitlyn will be OK! It's probably just a cold, but you should get her to a clinic just to make sure!

jinxyjingles said...

Hey babes

Just get to the clinic, better be safe than sorry.

I also suggest getting cats, get rid of the buggers! I'm just pro-cats :) x

Chiwi said...

Jordan : Those are the things that are of interest to ppl now-a-days, death, death and babies! hehehe

Jin : It was not long ago that they found the H5N1 in cats too..... hm... :p

No fever so far... so it's just a common cold... right??

Philip said...

hi chiwigal..
i heard about the news...the first thought that came to my mind was "Sitiawan Quarantined" in the newspaper headlines. Birds nest the culprit...ahah..hope kaitlyn will recover sooon..