Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bird Flu ??... right on our door step..

They found a few dead pigeons, just 5 mins down the road from our business... It's been send to do more test.. so .. We will know in the next 2 days if we are really hit by it this time..

There have been 2 new cases in Perak, right where we were planning to go, Bukit Merah's Laketown, I've heard great things about the Eco Park, (well.. the now ex-Eco Park, they've had to destroy 239 exotic birds that were kept at the Ecopark.) and the Orang Hutan (Orangutan as the MatSal's call it) Island. So.. Guess we are not going there this coming weekend! :p

So I'm looking at taking the kids to Genting Highlands Resorts to see Mysteria.. Master Illusionist from Las Vages. And hoping to catch Farah and Jeremy b4 they leave for Bahrain... (~~>.<~~)

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