Sunday, March 12, 2006

Back to City-A-1

It's been a week since our little weekend "Uptown". Things are pretty much back to normal.. What is normal ?? What is Normal for a 29 year old, mother of 2? .. But things are back to it's usual routine definitely, working 9 - 8 pm, poor hubby has still got to teach till 10 pm.

We actually had another "adults" .. No, not that kind of "adult" but you know just another night out with other adults without the kids! It was Cheryl Birthday ( another fellow "local-expat". She is Canadian and her hubby Steve is English?, anyway they have been here in this little town for the past 10 years!) So there was Cheryl, Steve, their niece, (who is going back to Canada this coming Friday), Greg( the other Kiwi), his wife Anna (who is Swedish), Jake and I. We told them about our "weekend", and how we feel trapped, and like we are wasting our life away here. Anna asked a great question then, thou we all have had a few drinks :p. "Why do we feel that we are letting life slip away here?" ... hm... It's great here, the maid, the lifestyle, taking time off when we feel like it, being able to see the kids 24x7, and building our own business... Could it may be becoz we are not earning enough? or maybe becoz we are earning RINGGIT. Becoz when you convert.. There is really nothing left!

We really want to go to another country and experience different culture, different lifestyle.. Jordan and Leen are experiencing it in China, Farah and Jerr will be leaving for Saudi soon (DON't GO!! :p)... So yup. We've decided to apply for a few jobs, in places we both think that we would probably enjoy and earn a little more. Fingers Crossed!!!! Bring on the positive vibes!!! Send it our way!!


Chiwi said...

Testing.. testing...
Jin said that ppl can't post moo-moos..
So is that why ppl haven't been posting moo-moos?? I thought no one loves me... :p

jinxyjingles said...

Posting posting

Jordan said...

Of course we all love you! And yes, we are here in lovely (and dirty...and overcrowded) China. Can't wait to get back though. Don't you guys dare leave before we get back!