Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Baby Caleb Winn, 3.3kgs,9th February 2005, Yeak Maternity Sitiawan

1 Feb, Dad’s birthday/company dinner, so the normal Chinese 10 course meal. Everyone has been joking about me having this little one after the dinner, coz that was what happened with DD, it was after dad’s NZ company dinner, also a 10 course meal, my water broke that morning and was expecting to miss the dinner, but made it thru the dinner (and hairdresser’s appointment and a whole day of last min shopping, with contractions 8-10 mins apart). While finishing dessert, contractions were 1:3. Therefore everyone has been joking about me having this baby on dad’s birthday! We even told out gynae to expect our call. Well, all thru dinner 1:10, so I thought must be BH as I’ve had quite a few of those lately. We have been hoping that this little one would come in Jan, coz Feb would be a busy month, ie, dad’s birthday/company dinner, CNY, Grandmother’s 94th birthday. Didn’t want to be suck in bed, or not being able to eat all those nice food!!! Well… After the dinner we went home and went to bed. Woke up at 1 am to go to the toilet, and gush~ water broke! Off we went to the hospital.

1:30 am - 3cm, (don’t we all just hate those dilation checks, they hurt like hell! Doesn’t help when mine is facing the back as well!) – Bah! 3 cm!!! We had our concern about 3cm, as it was a nightmare with DD, 22hours of 3cm until they induced me!

5:30 am – Still 3cm!! At this point we are staring to panic! Fearing that history would repeat itself again! I haven’t slept a wink, coz contractions where 1:5 all night!( Jake has been sleeping in the bed next to mine, coz he has got a business appointment at 11am, and another at 3 pm. ) At this stage the pain is still bearable!

6am – 1:4. Pain as got worst!!! Woke Jake up, am not going to let him sleep while I go thru this pain!!!

7am – another one of those damn checks!! But good to hear that it’s 5cm now, there I was thinking “great I can get my epidural now!” only to find out that, the aesthetician is in Aceh, the other guy that is available doesn’t have an up to date equipment! Hm….

8am – Doc came in to check on me, first thing he said was “ I really thought you were just joking about coming in today.” We discussed the other options of pain killer, so had a shot of Pethidine and if needed there’s always the gas available.

8:30am – 7 cm, Saline in

8:40am – told the doc I have to push, doc told me to hold on, there was no way that I was going to hold on! When you have to push, you have to push!!! For those ladies that went thru it without epidural, I really have to salute u! There is no way I’m going thru that again without epidural!!! So you can imagine the screams and yells that were coming out of that labor room! All the way thru all I was saying was “I want epidural!” and can we please use vantose to get him out???!!!!

9:18am – at the point in time, I pretty much just wanted it over and done with! I want the Vantose NOW!!! Doc says one last push and he will bring out the vantose!

9:20am – Finally, all 3.3 kg and 54cm of him came out! Jake got to be the first dad to cut the cords here!
Mum came just in time as well to hold the baby. She was thinking she would come and be there for the birth as Jake had to go home to go get ready for the meetings, but once again, she was there just when he came out, like DD, gosh their timing!

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