Friday, February 02, 2007

'God's Own' God's Zone!

We landed on the 'God's Zone' on Saturday, after a long, long flight! Caleb did a really really bad, and wet poo that it soiled not only his nappy but his pants too, in the boarding lounge, so mummy had to run all over the airport looking for new pants for him, coz I some how forgot to pack it, silly mummy, but lucky found some that was 50% off, sure enough there was none in his size, but I got 2 of them anyway, one pink and one blue. Got back just in time to board the plane, 1 of the last ones to do so. Not long after we took off, little man decided to do a power chuck!! Luckily 2 new pants, but of coz pink, so he was all in pink when we landed! They slept on the plane, but restless sleep, coz it was a very very full flight, so we only had 3 seats to the 4 of us.

Anyway it's been nearly a week.. It's great to be back here! We spent 3 days in Auckland catching up with family and some friends, basically the immediate family, Jake hasn't seen some of them for 7 years, well just one, but the last time the whole family was together under one roof was 7 years ago, it would be more of them at Lisa's wedding, that is why everyone is here! :)

'NaiNai' pulling Kaitlyn and "OiOi' pulling Caleb on the boogie boards.

We have been down at Whangamata with the in-laws since Tuesday, and the weather here has been great!!! Way better than hot and humid Auckland.. wish we could stay longer, but lots of ppl to do and places to see, as they say! :p
Kaitlyn and 'Oioi' on 'The Land', OiOi taking a break from cutting the 3 week old grass on his 2 1/4 ach of land.

Kids are loving it here too, beach, sand and great food! :) And Of coz Caleb had his 2nd birthday here today!
'NaiNai' baked him some chocolate cakes!

We will be heading back up to Auckland tomorrow arvo, Brent is having his Bachelor party from 3pm on-wards! So it's going to be a pretty messy mess by tomorrow! :)

Oh and for those that are wondering why 'OiOi' is called 'OiOi', it is becoz he is a wee bit deaf in one ear and so he normally answers to "Oi!"

Wee update on dad: He is off to get his stitches out today.. so he is recovering well, and yes he has already been at the new house to check on things! hehehe have yet to been back at work thou, which I'm very surprised at, knowing the workaholic that he is! Mum just updated me that dad has lost 11 kgs during this whole episode!!


Simple American said...

Glad your dad is doing better.

The boy looks so happy to have that cake. haha

How long was the flight? Really tight in just three seats. Hope it is not too long.

Have fun at the wedding. :)

Chiwi said...

Thanks simple american, thanks for your prayers and thoughts...

The flight was 10 hours!!!! 10 hours with 2 toddlers!!!

aida said...

good for you, you derserve a break.

Anonymous said...

Hey you, hope you're enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Back now, will go see your dad at some point. Come back quick!!! Love you long time xxx

Hijackqueen said...

Hey Diana, sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he's recovering now. I'll be back to S'wan on the 3rd day. Hope to catch up with you then. Happy V-day and Gong Xi Fah Chai.

p/s: and yes! I'm sure you know my dad from Chung Cheng school ;) and your dad and my dad could be related. *shrug*

yvy said...

o gawd!!! 10 hours???? respect to ya, woman.....and glad to hear dad's ok. and that u're having fun on holidays. sayang i cant visit lar. me going back to malaysia next month.

anyway, u are on the chain gang, make sure u dont break the chain. ;)

Chiwi said...

Aida : Break ?? Aiyo.. I think we are both looking forward to going back to M'sia for a holiday!! hehehe Ain't never a holiday with 2 toddlers!!! and Wedding stress!!heheh

HijackQueen : Aiyo.. Am still in NZ!! not going back to M'sia until 28th Feb! Maybe next time lo!!

Yvy: Come Visit!!!! If you want la!! hehehe but always welcome!!

Chiwi said...

Yvy : What Chain Gang?? Sorry been busy with the wedding and doesn't help either with the WAN down :(