Saturday, November 23, 2002

3 am - it's nearly been 24 hours without sleep! Midwife asked if we wanted to be induced, becoz it's been nearly 24 hours since water broke, fear of infection.(still 3 cm) NEEDLES and IV!!! I'd do anything to avoid them.
4 am - Gave in! Got the antibiotic, the induction, and the epidural. Thank goodness for epi, Had about 2 hours of rest.
6 am- at this stage epi is wearing off. I swear I felt the head is in between my legs and about 5 cms from popping out. Told the midwife and she say it's too soon after induction, I kept on insisting that she check. And so she did (10 mins later), and IT WAS!! so they topped me up on epi, as i was in great pain and gave me the "happy gas"to hold out till the epi kicks in. (DH was so worried with the way I was sucking the "happy gas" down!)
6:30 am - Started pushing
8:30 am - still pushing. dd had her chin down.(didn't help with the epi, you don't know where you are suppose to push, they even pinched where i was suppose to push, but hm... as if i could feel where they were pinching!)
8:45 am - in came the doctor with the ventose.
8:51 am - just as my parents and dh's parents arrived outside the room door. DD came popping out with a loud cry! Don't remember her crying after that. First question was "Girl or Boy?" Dh cut the cord and she was placed on my tummy, all that went thru my mind was " oh my gosh, she looks so chinese!!"

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