Friday, November 22, 2002

Thought i would share my story, it's been nearly 2 years now... hm.. let's see if I remember the whole thing. It's going to be long, sorry, all 29 hours of it!
5:30 am (NZ)- Woke up with the need to go to the toilet, b4 i could sit down on the toilet bowl. Gush! Water was running down my legs, being half asleep it took a min for the penny to drop that my water broke. So I yelled out to DH, "I think my water just broke." DH was half asleep and asked if I was sure, I told him I was pretty sure! he jumped out of bed turn all the lights on, there i was sitting in the toilet and and he was walking around like a headless chicken. (Thank Goodness for Antenatal classes). So I took a shower and called our midwife, she told us to get as much rest as possible and she'll come see us in the morning at about 9 am(Rest?!?! hm.. was so excited that I was going to see DD soon, rest? yeah right) Woke mum and dad up, (They came for DD's birth and dad's company's annual dinner, which was on that very nite, have been looking forward to that, DH's parents, they live about 3 hours drive away, and sis was to be there at dinner as well. The usual chinese 10 course meal)
6:45 am - Contractions started, 10 - 13 mins apart.
9 am - Midwife came, checked and I was only 2 cm dilated. (We had opt for a private midwife, becoz I wanted someone we know and that know us in the delivery room.) And guess what? Our midwife is to go on leave at 6 pm that evening! Great!! Midwife said that when the contractions are 3 mins apart, call her and she will meet us at the hospital.
10:30am - (Contractions 8-10 mins apart) Hairdressers, had made the appointment the day b4. (not suppose to be washing your hair everyday during confinement month.So had my hair shorten. Not as if mum nor I followed the whole "pantang", but better some than sorry, so showered every 3rd day, took DD out when she was 2 weeks old to go take photos with Santa.) hairdresser was nervous that i would deliver half way thru. lol.
12noon - (still 8- 10 mins apart) Had lunch, and went shopping for a carseat for DD,(she was 2 weeks early) As most of you would know, No carseat, Not going home with baby!It must have been "let's have a baby" month, 4 hours later, after lots of shops and phone calls, we finally got a rental carseat! Bear in mind we had to stop to breath every 8 - 10 mins! Friends had been calling every hour to ask if we were at the hospital yet! LOL, you should hear their reaction everytime we say no, we're still shopping.
5:30 pm - Last visit from our midwife, she was to go on leave in half an hour!!!!! 3 cm!!!!!!
7:30 pm - Dinner!!! yay!! Set on the same table as the PIL, SIL and some of dad's staff. All looked so worried when we told them that we are in labour! Everyone was really helpful thou, helping time my contractions! lol.
9:30 pm - Dessert! It's amazing how DD times everything! Right after I finished the dessert, 3 mins apart! So we said our goodbyes and went home, called the hospital, took a shower, grab the baby bag and off we go!
12 midnight - Midwife got us to walk around the hospital, thou the contractions where 3 mins apart i was only 3 cm dilated and as I was still smiling!

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