Monday, January 16, 2006

The Day has finally Arrive!

It's Official!
I've stop breastfeeding Caleb... *sniff**sniff* For the last month it has only been the morning one left, I've wean him off the rest, which was easy, but hard emotionally, easy becoz I am working full time now.
I am really sad about weaning him off his early morning feed a well, but ..sigh.. with Kaitlyn it was a pretty easy decision, once her upper teeth were out, that was it! Mr Bambam has got his upper teeth a few months back, and this little cheeky little man of mine, bites just for the sake of hearing me yelp! He doesn't do it hard, but hard enough to yelp! And at 6 am in the morning, it's not very pleasent! So.. we have decided to stop it all ....
11 months!


carboncopy said...


11 months, hmm.. I have heard of those who were still being beast fed till 2 years old.

Chiwi, I wonder have you ever thought of this online chronicles of your children growing up, how would it effect them in the future?

Please remember that just by deleting the blog will not delete it off the Internet. Remember google cache?

Chiwi said...

Yes.. I wouldn't mind actually, but it's just really unpleasent to wake up to someone bitting you at 5 :30 in the morning!! :p

Well.. this is meant to be for them and myself. So that I've got a record of memories and pictures. And it's pretty much the easier way to share it with my parents-in-law, relatives and friends overseas!

Plus I don't tell everything here! :p