Friday, February 17, 2006

Finding Our Next Step In Life!

Well.. We know that eventually we will be heading back to NZ; to retire; the children’s education; the lifestyle; the food(… mmm.. fresh oyster…steak…lamb…). So yes.. Eventually, we want to move back to NZ, or Canada. (but that might be a little too cold for my liking! And a wee bit too far…)

But b4 that, we need a plan.. A plan to get us financially viable to move back to NZ!
With our present financial situation at the moment, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be in our 5 year plan! Firstly, we are still paying of our NZ trip, last May (RM24000). Then, there is Hamish’s wedding in London! RM7 to 1 pound?? (RM24000???) Seriously thinking about not going!! That is like the deposit for a house in NZ??? So.. here is our plan. Make some NZ dollars!!! Donations are also welcomed!!

1. Designing and selling breastfeeding clothes to NZ. *In the process of getting the first samples ready now.
2. Designing and marketing a “Summer Camp” to English learning students. * Been put on hold for some other projects
3. Setting up a English Learning Center in China. * In the process of finallizing.. for Fu Chow(China)
4. Setting up a Training Center in NZ. * Gonna have to wait till we are back in NZ
5. Buy a property in NZ and start generating some income! * Most probably after everything else is set up and running.

At the moment, 1, is on hold. 2, is in the process of organizing. 3, in the process of talking to a Tan Sri that owns a school in Kunming. 4, in the process of research! 5, Sigh.. no money yet! So much to do, so little money!

update 22/7/06: -
So No.1 is in the process of being designed and made.. can't wait til we get to see the end product.
No2. is put on hold til we have sorted out 3 and 4.
No3. is now changed to Fu Chow, China, having the final meeting on Wednesday this coming week, to see if it'a definitely a goer or not.

But if everything works out.. hmm.. who knows we might be back in NZ in 7 years?! So that's not too bad!

Been chatting to MacVaySia, selling him the idea of moving to NZ, muahahah, the more the merrier, right?? hehehe Maybe do a joint venture on Idea 4. What do you think Mac? That gives you a "work permit" too, if we do!

Anyone else wants to join us in NZ?? Sign up now!!

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