Saturday, February 25, 2006

I've moved!

Return to sender,
address unknown.
No such number,
no such zone.

-Elvis Presley

Sorry for all the inconvenience, but I think this is more suitable.. As much as I would hate to admit it, I'm ChiwiMa now... ChiwiGal has been taken over by my daughter!

I'm feeling old! Got a sms from my best friend "Tash aka Pipah aka Nor Afifah bt Mohd Shukran aka Nastasha aka Cat Sneeze ... Etc" this morning ..
Wish you were here D. Went Clubbing last night. It's good to know eve at 29 and after all these years of not clubbing, I still got it! Picked up a guy last night, didn't shag him. And you know what? HE IS ITALIAN!! Now you can smack yourself for getting married! Haha...

Sigh.. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids and would trade nothing in the whole wide world for them, but... I still want to go out and party!!! hahahha The good old days huh Tash... 4 nights a week, Tash was one party animal!! She would go out partying when I couldn't, (those months when my parents where in NZ, sssccchhh..) She would party till morn, get home, freshen up and walk to class. Then she would go home, have a wee nap, walk to the pool and swim 50 laps! Have dinner and off she goes again, partying!!!

4 nights a week, at Margarita's (before it turn into a meat market! Thank you very much) I think we were the first Asians in the club! Now?? It's just another Asian hang out too! Sigh... Monday nights was “Backpackers nights” ,that's where Jinxy meet her match!*wink*; Tuesdays was snooker nights; Wednesdays was always "SamBrero’s Night". Thursday was ladies nights; Friday and Saturdays are the usual weekend Partying, and Sunday nights are just for the bored ones... (just been arguing about the order of the nights with Tash.. Sigh it's been so long!!) So Margies was pretty much our 2nd home! We were normally there on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, sometimes Tuesday and Sunday too if we are really bored!
Tash says:
we were always bored
So there ... :p We would start dancing once we arrive and stop only when it's the last song on, (usually a slow song...) And NO we were not on anything, nor drugs, nor alcohol, "Just Water and Lime, Please." (--- Tash.. remember Barry Aprice?? droll.. "Can I tell you a secret.. I see dead ppl!" lol) The most hours I was on the dance floor was .. 10 pm - 3 am @ Marg's; Sometime we would go to Havana b4 midnight to get in for free :p for some Salsa; 4am - 7 am @ Kiss Bar; then there was that Club, which name has just slipped my mind on Albert St that opens till noon! So that's about 12 or more hours! NOW! I'm asleep by 11:30pm the latest!

The good old days.....


KidChan said...

Hey Chiwi,

The kids are so cute! Thanks for linking to my blog :) & Thx for linking it correctly (many don't) hahahah! Catch you around!

Tash said...

Oih! it was 100 laps at Philips Aquatic center thank you very much! and yes those were the good old day. Up to this day i still smalck myself for not talking you out of marriage...haiyo!