Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

"Ants In My Pants"

Mummy: What would you like for lunch, dada?

Dada : I want Pizza.

Kaitlyn : I want Pizza too.

Dada : Should we eat there or at the office?

Kaitlyn : Go eat pizza at the pizza table, don't want to eat at the office.

Mummy : Why don't you want to eat at the office?

Kaitlyn : Becoz if eat at the office and got clumsy, there will be ants in my pants.

"I'm not on fire"

Mummy touches Kaitlyn's head and asked " Are you still burning?"

Kaitlyn " Kaitlyn is not burning mummy, Kaitlyn is not on fire."

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Aida said...

i have been "baffled" by both my 6 years old brother and also Frank's 5 years old niece. they do say things that i have no words to reply.... :-)