Saturday, May 13, 2006

MORE weddings to add to the list....

3rd May 2006 - One more wedding to add to the list.... I am going to be soooooo poor after all these expensive weddings!!!!!! But we kinda predicted that "this one" was going to happen soon... and we were secretly hoping that it wasn't going to be next year, BUT it looks like it is... It's Jacob's baby sister's wedding.. (Congratulations Lisa!! About time too!! hehehe But can't it hold off another year?? hehehe) That means we will have to go back to NZ next year for the wedding, and therefore it will cost another 20K ?? Might have to borrow money from Ah Longs (Loan Sharks) to attend all these "expensive" weddings!!!

Honestly you guys.. how do you expect us to save any money and buy a house and move back to NZ??? 8 MAJOR WEDDINGS!!!

Ok... now it's a least HALF a deposit for a house in NZ! Gone to WEDDINGS!!!

The above post was posted on the 3rd, and it's the 13th today, 10 days, and guess what?? THREE MORE WEDDINGS to add to the list for the end of this year!! So that makes it ... what?.. 8 + 2.5 = 10.5 WEDDINGS!!!!!

  • Dolly Ling, my childhood best friend/neighbour.
  • Lim Kee Hui aka Kiwi, also another childhood friend/ neighbour, and no, they are not marrying each other.
  • James Ling, a very close family friend. (My brother just pointed it out that he hasn't heard anything about this, so then it must have been just rumours going around, but James if you are reading this, it must be a sign la, it's about time dude! You both are not getting any younger ok?? hehehe)
Gosh.. I wonder how many more to add to this list of Weddings... 11 WEDDINGS~!!


De Kiwi said...

So James Ling finally getting married? How come i'm in the same country as him and I didn't even know it myself?!

aida said...

wah, really poor, i see you hv an invitation for wedding in the UK too. like this you have to move back to NZ and make kiwi money, ringgit wont last long lor.

Chiwi said...

Aida : we are earing ringgit at the moment, so we can't even afford to go back to NZ, can't even afford to travel Malaysia.. that's how small the ringgitoes is at the moment!!.. so will just have to try and stretch out the ringgitoes... 7:1... ~~~>.<~~~ It's going to be a pretty cheap holiday!!