Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cold Hits Sitiawan...

Seems like everyone we know is down with a cold and a pretty bad one too.. 1 min you feel alot better and the next you feel like you've just been hit by a 18 wheeler! It's been hanging around Caleb for a week now and about 4 days for both Maddog and I.

We were suppose to go out to KL on Sunday for a business training, at 10 am, which means we would have to start our drive at about 5:30 am, and try and find this place in Ampang.. er.. where is that!? :) Which also means that we will have to drive back after the training, as Jacob had a class the next day at 12 noon. So as you would have guessed, we flagged it! Was just not possible!

Hopefully We will get better by this weekend, as it is my cousin's wedding. And I am going to take some pictures of her day! :) I think her 'Day' is starting at about 6 am! The groom is coming at 8am to 'buy' the bride, once she is bought, they will have the tea ceremony for the bride's side, which is going to take about an hour, hopefully. The bride and groom has to leave the bride's house and arrive at the groom's house by 10am.


aida said...

wah so busy!! flu season here too and bloody cold. my babe is still on mommy's juice so she is fine but me? i am sniffling a bit

yvy said...

aiyo....here oso the flu virus is flying around!! my floor has at least 4 to 6 ppl with the flu n i'm one of them. :(

ppstt....i think tak jadi lar. :( i mentioned to hubby but he was half asleep then, but hor, i think kenot leh....:((

Anonymous said...

看到了沙茶, 就想到了妳

Chiwi said...

Hope everyone is recovering from the flu.. I just hate it when it gets passed around, and around... like the never ending song!! :p Just get so sick and tired! hehehe pun intended.

Archi Ge~~~
I want 'Shar Char'!!!!!!!