Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yay! It's Almost over!

Ya.. It's all almost over!! I am really at my ends... So..

1. My Parents are coming back tomorrow, not a moment too soon.. As most of you know, my parents travel to NZ about every 2 months, and stays for 2 months. So during the period that they are gone I have to run 2 of their businesses(2 Retail Optical shops + the school(Well Jake helps run it, but I have to manage him thou); manage the books for all the shops; take care of my kids; my 95 years old grandma; manage 2 maids; run the house; pay the bills; buy the essentials... etc This time there are 2 extra things: I've started my own business as you know, divineMums; and the House that is building, that's another headache and a half. For those of you that have build a house in Malaysia, you would probably know the stress that you have to go thru. I'll leave that for another time.

2. In the Chinese tradition, the seventh month in the Chinese calendar is called the Ghost Month (鬼月), during this month the hell gate opens up during this month for all the hungry ghosts. Well.. so.. being a superstitious bunch of ppl chinese ppl are, no wedding are allowed to be held this month, some even says that business will have bad luck if they open this month.. And it is also believed that during every ghost month, it has a quota to hit, a ship of dead ppl, so there is an increase in the incidence of accidents and deaths during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, when all the ghosts are out to get their revange/finding a mate/playing mischief. During Ghost Month, people prepare big feasts to indulge the many roaming ghosts. So set out lots of offerings; hell money, hell cars, hell maids, food.. etc.

This year.. there are 2 7th month. So all the wedding will start from this weekend, coz Friday is the end of the Ghost MonthS! And guess what?? 3 of my cousins are getting married in NOV! 3!!!! 1 every weekend! Yay! I'm going broke! Sigh


kimmy sia said...

Wah.. you're a super woman ah?

MadDog said...

HEY! don't forget that I have to teach all the classes, manage my teachers, manage the school administration, look after the kids too, help you with the maids, work on the house with you, study for my exams, run the optical shops errands, run you around, take the kids to their ballet etc and put up with your stress!!!
God, I can't wait for a break! We work damn hard together, sometimes against each other, but never apart from each other. I love you sweet heart!

kimmy sia said...

awwww... ain't that sweet..