Thursday, September 28, 2006

Work in progress!

So as you all know.. everything in my life now is 'work in progress'. :p

1. The House - they are now tiling the bricks and hammering the frame for the roof now.. you can see pictures of it @ my flikr account.

2. divineMums - We've got my famous father-in-law(TerryWinn) to take some pictures of some of the tops.

This here you have Sarah Jane,(Mother of 4, under the age of 6)Breastfeeding her littlest in our very own Comfort T.
And here she is in Bellus, breastfeeding discreetly still!

Gosh.. I'm so excited!! Can't wait to see mums around the world wearing it!! :p


Hijackqueen said...

Even if malaysian were to wear them, don't think they dare to breastfeed in public. Just that Malaysian is more conservative type.

De Kiwi said...

do you do them in guy designs for guys who need to ventilate regularly? :P
guess not.

aida said...

eh so nice lah!!so discreet no boob visible at all yet fashionable.. kudos on the great work! can throw me one sample ah? *wink*

Chiwi said...

Hijackqueen - Not the Malays around here.. they just pull up their baju kurung, or t-shirt, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! hehehe
But when I do it, I get the stares!!! so that is why I decided to design something that I will not feel too exposed! hehehee

Aida.. I offered it to you a while ago liao le... send me an email with your details! and I'll post one out to you.

De Kiwi- er.. hm... there are lots of gay shirts out there that can do that liao la! hehehehe Slap! I would like some neices and nephews please!

Hijackqueen said...

Hi, I would like to look at your design before buying one for my sis. How do i go about it since i'm in KL and will travel to S'wan once in a blue moon. Oh maybe you can e-mail me too @