Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've been Tagged!

Six random things about I, Myself and Me.

1. I'm a workoholic.. I work 7 days a week.. and on my days that I do get off, I would go to work to relax. Even during my pantang month! :p

2. I would love to be able to take photographs like my father-in-law

3. I use to party 5 nights a week till I got pregnant!

4. I still don't believe I've got 2 kids!

5. I'm easily addicted to things.. Doesn't matter what it is..

6. I've always wanted to adopt, there are so many children out there that needs love and care, and I've always wanted 6 kids!!!! but don't think hubby or financial will allow me to.. but we will see... :)

Hm.. who can I tag???
1. Jordan
2. Gracey
3. Kimmy Sia
4. Aida(Just when you have nothing to do during that pantang month! :p)
5. Jinxy
6. You... yes you!


yvy said...

WHOAH!! :D that was super fast..!!! can i assume that u are a meme kaki too??? PLS say yes so that u can continuously be my 'victim'. :D

thanks for picking this up. :)

Chiwi said...

hehehe yvy... definitely a meme kaki!! :P Bing it on!! lol
When are you leaving for the land of Kanga Rrrrroooooosssss.. ??

yvy said...

too soon lar.... :( saturday, THIS saturday!! WAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa...the though of leaving behind my belacan, nasi lemak, teh tarik & kuih lopis is very heartbreaking. *sniff sniff*

Chiwi said...

yes.. the belacans and nasi lemaks... can always come back every year to do a refill!! lol.. make sure you have enough for a year now b4 you leave!! lol

jinxyjingles said...

OK Here's my tagged responses:

1. I try to avoid work if I can :)
2. I wish I can ride horses better and more often.
3. I was(and am) a geek. Tonight I left a friend's party before 11pm, when it's just starting to be in full swing (Bah humbug I know)
4. I don't have kids: am terrified of the birthing bit
5. Not sure about addiction
6. See response No. 4. I think eventually I'll pick up enough courage to do it!
Love you long time! x

Chiwi said...

1. I want that too!!
2. would love to learn how first.
3.If you are still around in Feb. we've got to go out partying again just like old time, go back to Margies?? where you and I both met our husband!
4. It's all worth it!!
5. Lucky you
6. Hurry up la, before all your eggs are used up! hehehe

kimmy said...

1. I'll try to work from home. :D
2. I love to sleep
3. Partying nvr my game.. Love to do web designs..
4. I'll try to believe when I get 2 later.
5. Addiction? Hmm.. my bed, I think.
6. I always love to do charity... Adoption doesn't really mean they need to stay with you. YOu can adopt by sponsoring them.