Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Permanently Parents - The Changing Nest

I receive an email everyday from Daily OM. Today this is what I received...

Once one becomes a parent, it is for life! Our identities change perceptively the moment we take on the name "mum" or "dad". Not only they don't provide us with a manual guide, our role is not a fixed one either. As children move from one phase of their lives to the next, parental roles change. When these transitions involve a child gaining independence, many parents experience an empty nest feeling. Instead of feeling proud that their children have achieved so much-whether the flight from the nest refers to the first day of kindergarten or the start of college-parents feel they are losing a part of themselves. However, when approached thoughtfully, this new stage of parental life can be an exciting time in which mothers and fathers rediscover themselves and relate to their children in a new way.

As children earn greater levels of independence, their parents often gain unanticipated freedom. Those with younger children beginning school or teenagers taking a first job can plan a special day in which they express their pride and explain that they will always be there to offer love and support.

The more parents both celebrate and honor their children's life transitions, the less apprehension the children will feel. Parents who embrace their changing nest while still cherishing their offspring can look forward to developing deeper, more mature relationships with them in the future.

Sigh.. what have I got myself into?? :p It's all good...

Thi is Mr Bambam, doing his "Away". He first squats, with hands back, and swings his hands forward with a big 'Aaaa-Way!'

This is him doing his 'Ai Ni' (Love you), he puts his a hand to his ear, and says 'Hi', so that is his 'Ai' too.. then he pauses and points to you and says 'Ni'(you)

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