Sunday, September 03, 2006

Baby and more babies...

Tis a year full of weddings and babies...

My golly gosh.. Seems like everyone around me is having babies!!!
1. My childhood friend just had his first child, a boy, now a month old.
2. My God sis' sister, just had her 2nd, her first girl, 17 days ago.
3. My cousin just had his 3rd, his first girl, 11 days ago.
4. Jordan and Leen just had their first, a son. Congratulations guys!!!
5. Aida will be having hers soon.

And that's all within these 2 months.. I am kinda glad I'm not going to be around this Chinese New Year.. It's a tradition for the married couple to give Ang Pow(Red Packets, hubby calls it the Red Bomb) to those that is not yet married. The thing with Asian, we have really close family ties.. I'm really close to my father's side of the family, we all grew up together, went to school together and see each other every weekend while growing up, and still do now. They are all like my brothers and sisters. My dad has 5 siblings, each of them have 3 kids. So.. indirectly I have 17 brothers and sisters, including my own 2 brothers. So far only 2 of them have kids, both have 3 each. More should be coming next year, as 2 are married this year and 2 early next year. My mum has 11 brothers and sisters, she is the 2nd youngest, all of her brothers and sisters have 4-6 kids, and most of those are married with 3-4 kids of their own. Thank God I'm not as close to that side of the family and don't see ALL of them during Chinese New Year!!!

As for Hubby's side of the family, both my FIL and MIL have 1 brother, and one have 2 girls and one have 1 girl and 2 boys. And hubby has only one sister. hm.. so where am i going to spend CNY?? Only unfortune thing is the airticket to get to them!

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ur family tree sounds complicated like mine..hahaha