Thursday, September 21, 2006

NZ confirmed!!

Thank God for MATTA fair, that's Malaysia travel fair, we have got our tickets confirmed and will be getting on that plane on the 27th Jan.. SO .. NZ here we come...

Talking about NZ.. I don't know if I ever wanna move back to NZ with all the news that I have been reading.. But then there are always pros and cons to a country.. Just have to ignore the cons and focus on the pros.. I guess I would still wanna move to the country side and not the city, where everything happens. But in saying that suicide rates are a lot high in country sides!! LOL

Still... Life is as good as we make it ourselves. Right??

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Anonymous said...

I think crime rates in Malaysia is also increasing. u can read about girls getting raped, old women got robbed, ppl got killed almost everyday, not to mention road accidents. roads in NZ r one of the safest, isn't it? u just have to put up with the sheeps that r more than the ppl laa :P