Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy 103 Birthday..

To all our fellow Sitiawan Foo Chow Settlers... although I don't think a lot of them are left. But they are preparing a true feast tonight, the usual 10 course meal, for all Sitiawanians!

This was the old "Pastor's house", don't think it's as old as 103, but should be at least 70+ now. It is now turned into the " Sitiawan Settlement Museum". Right next to this is Pioneer ChurchPioneer Church
Pioneer Church
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End of 1904 church obtained ten acres of land for construction, with another three acres adjacent land for cemetery ground.

Mid of 1905 - construction work began - cost $900
1906 - the building was burnt down owing to a wild fire
1907 - church rebuilding - cost $1600
1910 - church renovation - cost $650
1927 - new church building built in the shape of the cross, in use until today.

I, myself, am a 3rd generation Foo Chow here in Sitiawan. It's definitely changed alot since I can remember, can only imagine when my great grand parents first arrived here to settle. I've heard a lot of stories from my grandma on my mum's side, she is 94 this year, to when the Japaness came and stuff when Chin Pin was around. This little town has survived quite a bit! My children are now 4th generation.. gosh... I'm definitely a I'm a Sitiawanian!


kimmy sia said...

Thanks for the short and precise chronology of us, the Foo Chows.

I really miss Sitiawan and its old time.

yvy said...

woman!! u been tagged. :)