Friday, October 05, 2007

5 things tag...

I got Tagged! :) By Mistyeiz, thanks babe! So..let me see what I can do with this one.... :)

5 things in my bag (office bag/handbag)

  • Pads but not that's I'll be using them for the next 9 months! hehehe…(sigh I really need to take those out, don't I?)
  • My purse
  • Pens, can never have more than enough pens! hehehe
  • Sweets, to kill the after taste that makes me puke at the moment. (When is this morning sickness going to be over???)
  • My Handphone!

5 things in my purse

  • Money la!
  • Credit/ATM cards
  • Identity Card
  • Pictures of my kids
  • More member cards...

5 interesting things in my bedroom

  • My kids beds.
  • My bed
  • TV
  • Lots of mess... stuff, lots of stuff...dunno what they are, not getting into them until I move!
  • My hubby.

5 things that I want to do

  • Get 8 hours straight of proper sleep at night
  • Go around the world to eat as much famous food as possible, home-cooks the best!
  • Get 8 hours straight of proper sleep at night
  • Have this baby without any pain! hehehe
  • Get 8 hours straight of proper sleep at night

5 things that I’m doing it now

  • Listening to my hubby reading NZ news online.
  • Thinking what’s for lunch.... hungry!!
  • Doing this meme
  • Struggling to keep eyes open. Need Sleep! Haven't had a proper night sleep in 5 years!!!
  • Nappy brains.... again....
I'm tagging the usual suspects... Aida, Cat-Cat, Sue, Ms eNVy, Simple American, and YOU!


Ms eNVy said...

Will do the tag as soon as I can .. btw proper night sleep is a myth for mothers hehehehe

yvy said...

5 yrs???? mati kuda sai!!!!!

Simple American said...

Whoops! Almost missed this tag. haha

Will do soon. :)

And get some sleep will ya!