Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Well.. it's been 2 weeks since my last visit to the doctors! I'm dragging my heels a little... Takut la! (Scared la) I know, I know, should just go and get it over and done with. I've been throwing up, left, right and center. That's a good sign right?? Enough hormones to go and make the baby grow! update: Just got back from the Dr's and we saw something twinkling!!! YAY!!! :)

Anyway.. On a lighter note, BamBam went for a casting for a Dumex ad on Thursday, it was a fun experience I can tell you that. I had to get him to pretend to sneeze, do a muscle man pose and sit on a beautiful lady's lap. You know think that the last one would be easy.. but NO~~ hehehe nothing is easy with kids! It took 2 1/2 hours of warming up for BamBam to do all 3!

There were lots of other kids there, all of them at about 2 years of age, so Caleb was a little older than the rest. I can just imagine what the other parents had to go through, but then it could be easier when they are younger as they are not as self-conscious.

But BamBam was one of the 1st to arrive on the scene and last to leave, and when he did all 3, especially the sneezing part, everyone on the set was cheering, even the Camera man (probably the director as well) was so happy that he came and wanted to give Caleb a big hand-shake to thank him. BamBam being BamBam, he was so self-conscious, that he had his hands on his waist and told everyone what he thought. "NO MORE AH-Choo! No More Ah-Choo!"

Update : Unfortunely, BamBam didn't get the part, as he was the oldest of them all, think about 1/2 year older than all the kids there. So he would have looked out of place. But overall it was a great experience. Hope to have more in the future and make us some money!!! hehehe :)


Sue said...

congrats!bet you are relieved!

Bam bam must be sooo cute la..no pix ar?? Hehe..so did he get it?

aida said...

wei, no pic meh? i bet it was so cute esp the no ah choo anymore..hahaha

and i cannot wait to taunt you on belly pics leh. i got 4 more months to go which will make you 4 months then, sure pouching already.

Ms eNVy said...

congrats! .. so no more worries.. just have to look after urself! ..

He is just so funny .. kids always give their brutal honesty .. hehehe .. so did he get the ad ? .. *am done with ushering my kids for auditions* :)

yvy said...

awesome!! :) maybe prep him for future modelling! :) ppsstt....tagged u again! lol :P

BlurMommy said...

I'm a little late here but congratulations on ur pregnancy!!! :)

Frankensteina said...

Your children are just so adorable! :)