Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Deal Sweetener!???

Jacob's so-called "Deal sweetener" hm..More like Jacob's New Toy!! As you can guess he is not going back to NZ, as he will miss his kids too much, and his best mate "Unki Hay-Mi MooMoo"'s wedding (Hamish was our BestMan, and so Jacob will be his BestMan) in UK, next year. So this is his "deal-sweetener"  Posted by Picasa


De Kiwi said...

I thought he wouldn't get one coz Malaysian's drive too crazy and it was very dangerous?? And when i get back can i ride it?? :P

AvaAmber said...

Wow.... nice bike.

Umluqman(BBCM) said...

Wow! Chiwigirl, your man certainly got taste,huh?!