Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two Front Teeth! Well the Upper ones!

My Little Man has got his upper two front teeth out now! and OUCH~~~ Am seriously considering stopping breastfeeding... sigh...

We were at the pool last weekend with Anna, Greg and their little ones, Matilda and Lovisa. Matilda is 2 1/2 and Lovisa is just a month older than Caleb. They are the new Kiwi expats here in the Naval Base. Lovely people!

And this is a picture of Kaitlyn in her Leotard, with that big tummy of hers! :p She loves her Ballet classes!! Matilda might be joining Kaitlyn in her Ballet classes next month. Both of them get along great! Kaitlyn can't seem to pronounce Matilda's name and calls her "that one" hehehe It's better now, she calls her "TilDa"

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