Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Sunday b4 Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Well... It's so sad that India Had 4 bombings just before their big celebration, Deepavali. I would just like to have a moment a silence for the people that suffered!
But that is beside why I'm writing this post.
I found this web site called, and wrote the editor a nice little friendly neighbour email asking for a page, for our "World-Famous-In-City-A-1 E'n'E Optics and Hearing Care" (Our family business) on his nice, cozy little web site for Pulau Pangkor. He is actually an mat salleh that we have seen, cycling around town. Hehehe small town. So he is more than happy to have us on board. So you might be seeing our faces in

  • .. watch out for that space~~~

    Well it's madness here in City A1, the little old Fajar is jammed pack with ppl getting their last min Deepavali/Raya shopping done. Imagine a bomb goes off in there.. the whole of City A1 will be in mourning, becoz some how or another everyone is related to everyone! Incest! NOT!!!! you dirty minded ppl! hehhehe

    We are having our Annual Buka Puasa (Breaking of fast) with all our employees tonight at our faithful little Marina Cove. Will take some pictures and load it on tomorrow. So Watch this Space!~~~

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    peter said...

    hi ChiKi...:)

    Thanks for mentioning my website:) As I check my stats regular, I found some people clicking here. Thanks. When I am back, we'll work on something nice for you and the E&E shops.


    PS, I'm now in Trang after a very long day, coming from Hat Yai....