Thursday, November 16, 2006

A day at "Lost World"

Tis was a great day.. the kids had fun, we had fun.. :p (Thanks for a great day Anna and Greg, too bad you guys are leaving soon.. we are soooo going to miss you guys.. and of coz the kids are going to miss your kids too, but that secondary.. hahaha)
I would recommend it to ppl... If they were not such a rip off.. :p They charged us RM21 each adult, and it's written there that children above 12, RM16; and in small prints, children above 90cm is also RM16!!! So our 3 years olds had to pay RM16 too!!! Plus we had to pay for rental of tubes too... hm...
But AnyHo.. it was still a great day with the kids!! Posted by Picasa


jinxyjingles said...

Nice! Where is Lost World? Hope you're doing great woman, when are you coming back to Sitiawan after NZ? Will be in SG for CNY. XXX

Hijackqueen said...

No matter what is the price, local holiday is still cheaper right? Looks like you guys have lots of fun there.

Anonymous said...

thank YOU guys for taking us there.
We had such a fantastic time!!
And the pics are great dee! you really are very talented!