Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's End of the Year~~ Again!

Yet another year nearly gone! So much to do, so little time! One would think that with 330 days been and passed, one would have got a lot accomplished, and would have more time to unwind and relax.. BUT.. human beings have one really bad habit! That is to cramp everything into a thing called "last min". Hehehe, I'm guilty as charged! It seems like it's the only way to do things around here..

We've got students that are sitting for major exams next year, that don't even know the Basic grammar, wanting to cramp everything into a month, b4 they start school in Jan 07. And so, we've got this Intensive English Programme, where they would come for 4 hrs Monday to Friday, for 4wks. Sigh.. I hope they don't expect too much..

Begin to dig a well only when one feels thirsty.
(Chinese original: Chinese Pinyin: Lin2 ke3 jue2 jing3.)

Sigh.. I've got a list too..
  1. My Mum's Presentsss - Birthday, Anniversary + Christmas ALL in Dec!
  2. All the other Christmas Presents, and cards.. (mental note to self, will send cards out this year) Just in case if I don't, er.. I'll post one up on my blog! hehehe
  3. To loose 6 kg b4 Christmas.. (I like setting my goals higher, so if I can achieve it I'll be very happy, but IF I don't and only achieve half way, I'm still happy)
  4. Find a way to pay off my credit card before the trip next year.
  5. The house - lighting, gate, furnitures, fixtures, all the fine details.

1 comment:

Hijackqueen said...

Item 1 - It's mega sales now. woohoo!

Item 2 - If no time, e-cards will do. hehe

item 3 - If you have any quicker solution, let me know too. ;)

Item 4 - ouch !!!

Item 5 - double ouch $$$!!!