Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh My Goodness!!!

It's another year... been and gone!!!!
Happy New Year Ppl!! and a very belated Merry Christmas!!
Been Flat out!! Literary!! Physically and mentally!! hehehehe
  1. Flat in bed for New Year's eve and New Year Day!! How sad is that??? Had the worst cold ever!! Also "Longest cold ever!! Had it since last year! "
  2. Flat Broke! - 18 more days till my brother's wedding, like Hijack Queen says "Ouch" and "Double Ouch"- going to NZ end of this month for my sister-in-law's wedding; interest rate raising, 1 month of expenses in dollars!! Still haven't paid my credit card off yet!! Not to forget the air tickets!! Sigh, and Double Sigh!!
  3. Flat Out - School has been busy, the optical shop has been busy, and relatives and friends from all over the place are visiting.
    1. Aida and Brad from Boston, US.
    2. Farah and Jeremy from Bharain (here is a picture of all the Daddas holding their kids)
    3. My cousin's from Adelaide
    4. My childhood neighbours from Perth

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aida said...

you are a busy woman