Monday, January 22, 2007

Flat Out!

From Caleb
Last weekend was the longest weekend EVER!!! Dad was admitted to the local specialist hospital on Thursday night; he had been in pain, throwing up since Wednesday. He has some stones in his gallbladder that's causing some obstruction, so in order to ease the pain he was put on drips, and needs surgery to remove either the stones or the gallbladder.... BUT.. it was my brother's wedding that very weekend!! So we were hoping he would feel better after a day or 2, since it had happened b4 in NZ, where the stone passed thru all by itself. Our fingers were all crossed! So dad managed to attend the pre-wedding party the night for an hour; 2 hours of the wedding; and 1 hour of the tea ceremony. We had to arrange for him to get back to the hospital between the wedding and the tea ceremony to get a litre of saline into him. Unfortunately.. it didn't this time and it developed into a serious infection of the blood and stressed his heart! So dad ended up not going to the 'Dinner'. Right after dinner we had to rush him off to Ipoh Specialist coz there were no cardiologists where he was. So it was a long LONG weekend. He's due to have his op on wednesday, tomorrow as I write this, but that depends on the infection. So he most likely won't be back to work for another week at least. Normally that wouldn't bother us, and we'd insist he get enough rest before returning to work, but we leave for NZ this Friday! So, Jamie and I will both be gone during the Chinese New Year rush - worst possible timing! Talk about stress!!! We were even considering just Jake go to NZ for his sister's wedding, and me staying here to help, but it sounded like Dad would be fine in a few days. So we confirmed our trip. That was before they delayed the op, and consequently, now mum will need to man the shop for a couple of days in the beginning by herself - I feel horrible! So does Jake - he feels like he's making life very hard for my mum... But we also need a rest, and a month alone with the kids will allow us to bond with them again in a more close relationship - we feel we really need that right now. So anyway, what a week. Can't wait for everything to calm down.

Anyhow.. here are some pictures of the wedding..
Mummy and her babies!

Best Man Taking a break in between tea ceremonies
From Weddings

From Weddings
From Ant's Wedding
Groom's borther and Bride's sister presenting a song
The Happy Couple ; From Ant's Wedding
From Ant's Wedding
Father and Son, From Ant's Wedding
From Ant's Wedding
From Ant's Wedding
Bambam Running! From Ant's Wedding
The 'Family'! From Ant's Wedding
Dad Taking a rest between ceremonies, From Ant's Wedding


aida said...

hope your dad get well soon, yes its very stressful. eh the best man look very familiar lah.

Simple American said...

Hope your Dad gets better soon. He looks pretty happy in the wedding picks. Will remember him in my prayers.

Your kiddos (I assume both are yours from the second to last pic) are really cute. Bambam energetic hor. keke

And your brother married a very pretty girl. Hope she will be a great SIL for you.

Hope you can enjoy your trip to New Zealand.