Monday, January 08, 2007

My best Christmas gift this year!

If you have read "Conversations with God 1, 2 or 3", you will love this!
Call it New-Age, call it Blasphemy, call it whatever you want, but it makes sense to me.
This is a new book that my father-in-law has published.

Healing Moments brings together the distinctive photography of Terry Winn and the words of Neale Donald Walsch from his millions-selling Conversations with God series. Australia/NZ rights have been granted for the use of excerpts from the books, which lend themselves perfectly to the small format book (‘If I do not go within, I go without’) and to being matched with Terry’s poetic photographs of natural and human subjects caught in the fleeting moments of everyday life. The result is a beautiful and inspirational gift book for all readerships. - NZBooksOnline

And if you think that picture on the book is familiar, yes, that's the one that you can see in one of my divineMum's page

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