Friday, January 26, 2007

Phhffftt the Magic Dragon!

I sure need some of that magic dragon after this week!

Latest update on my dad: He is having some breathing difficulty, the infection is still strong, could have taken hold of his lungs, so more test are the be done, but up to today, the bill is already 16k not including the operation, so.. we are expecting it to be no less the 30k !!!!??????? Where the **** are we going to get that sort of money?? Dad doesn't have any insurance as no one wants to sell it to him with his heart condition. .....

But we are getting on the car in about 30 mins to head down to KL central to get my credit card, should be around 3 1/2 hours drive, then head to the airport, should be another hour's drive there. And then relax around the airport of another few hours (3 at least)... Last but not least the 10 hours flight!


See you down under!! (Vodafone-032 7575) Everything is going to be just 'Ka Pai'(Good)! Off for some Kiwi Loving!

Haere rā, me hoki mai anō koe.
Goodbye, you must return again. :p

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Simple American said...

Have a safe journey. Hope your dad recovers quickly.