Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where is the end of the tunnel!??!!

So.. Where do I start!??!!!! WHEN IS IT GOING TO END?!?!

Good News
Dad had his operation today, they found more than 10 stones in his gallbladder, and they are not small!! So.. that explains the hugh amount of pain he was in!

I received an invitation to have a Platium Card, with my trip to NZ, that's a bonus to have extra amounts to spare.

Bad News
I lost my new Platium Card.. becoz I'm managing the shop, right after I comfirm and activated my card, there was a customer that I had to tend to, so.. left the card on the table, and GONE! They are not able to replace my card b4 I leave for NZ.

Now, instead of leaving at 2pm and head straight to the airport, I'm going to have to arrage to leave earlier and head to the Card Center, get a new card and then leave for the airport, in doing that we might be arriving at the airport 5 hours earlier! WITH 2 toddlers!!! hm...

Plus to add to my stressful week.. I received a letter from a credit company telling me that I owe Telecom RM2500 back from 1996 ?????!!!!! For an address in Petaling Jaya!! Hello, I wasn't even staying near there!! So it's definitely a case of ID theft!! Although I know that, they could still be sueing me!

So.. I'm about to break! STRESS!! I haven't even packed! Haven't had my hair done, nor my nails, nor my facial!!! ARGH!!!!!

Adding to all the above: I had to bank in the balance of my air-ticket to my travel agent; arrange for a batch of contact lenses to clear in the port of Malaysia from NZ; pay this months car loan; pay the HQ the royalty; arrange for my sister-in-law to get the keys to the house in NZ; oh and my shoe broke...

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Simple American said...

Man. You should have just rolled over and gone back to bed this morning. Day like that would of killed me. Just goes to show women are tougher.

Glad they took care of your Dad's gall bladder. Hope he recuperates soonest. Will remember him in my prayers.