Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kaitlyn Turns 4!!

It's another year, been and past... Kaitlyn turns 4... gosh time sure flies.. I still remember going into labour with her.. but I guess every mother does with their children :)

Well we adults had a great time, thanks to the kid's birthday.. any excuses to have a big piss up, aye?

Daddy and Kaitlyn are having a 'date' at the moment @ Pizza Hut, just the 2 of them.. Their favourite :)
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Hijackqueen said...

Happy Burfday Kaitlyn!!! Aunty want to eat Secret Recipe cake.

Hijackqueen said...

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving to Malaysian Mum and Kiwi Dad :).

yvy said... sexy ur new template!! :P very 'christmassy' indeed....were u a good girl this year or did Santa have to spank you? ;)

aida said...

wah happy bday! yeah the template is cool but takes a bit long to download lah

Chiwi said...

HijackQueen, Thanks... hope you had a great thanks giving as well..

yvy, I've been a good girl, Spank You! :p

Aida, Yeah.. i know, but it's Christmas! hehehe :p