Saturday, July 07, 2007

Drug Rehab

With all the stress and luxury in life today, it's really easy for someone to get addicted to things! Things like chocolate, sex, alchomohol, recreational drugs, coka-cola, coffee... you name it. I know ppl that have headaches if they don't have their coffees in the morning. Ppl that gets really really moody going without sex for 2 days.

addiction : "the loss of control and compulsive use of mind-altering chemical(s) coupled with the inability to stop the use in spite of the fact that such use is causing problems with one's life. Addiction can be a physical and/or psychological dependence of a chemical substance."
For someone to admit to addiction is always the first step! Following thru is another thing. I guess that's when a rehab center comes in handy! They not only provide you with drug treatments, but most importantly they give you supports and understanding that no one else can.

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