Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday 13th

Gosh .. my mood was foul yesterday! It wasn't until 4pm in the afternoon, when I looked down at my watch and saw the date! 13, and it's Friday! Does it really have an effect on ppl? or I'm just moody by nature?? hehehe

ANYWAY.. I WANT A MAC!! No, not a Big Mac, from our American embassy. BUT A MACBOOK! I don't even need a Pro. Just a MACBOOK! I've been looking for a laptop/notebook... I totally stopped when I saw the MACBOOK! What I love most about it is what IT can do to pictures!! BUT... it cost an arm and a leg, I don't have much of those to exchange for ONE at the moment.. sigh... I can't continue to concentrate on my studies without it... Honestly.. I can't stop thinking about MAC. I neeeeeeed MAC


Johnny Ong said...

nice to hav a chiwigal droppin by at my blog.

Chiwi said...

Thanks for dropping by at mine!! :)
"Sanguine & Choleric" personality..gosh you must have conflicts with yourself everyday!! :p

Simple American said...

Hope you find a money tree in the backyard. Then you can buy your MAC! :)

aida said...

but now they make macbook with intel processor so not as expensive as the MAC processor. in canada, can get a MAC for around $1000 now instead of like $3000 and up.